More about Russian Keyboard Stickers

Now Russian Keyboard Stickers are available at affordable prices. So you have a laptop or a notebook with the default English large cap letters, digits and special characters, and you includes writing a lot in Russian script. No worries, you don’t have to memorize the Russian characters behind each English letter.


There are keyboard stickers available for different scripts around the globe. You just have to stick them to the respective letters in the keyboard and that makes your work easy. You don’t have to carefully choose the correct letter to type or use any virtual keyboard on the screen. Using a virtual keyboard on the screen is quite cumbersome and uneasy.

With the innovation of keyboard stickers, writing using one’s native language has become an easy task. The characters are mostly available in capital letters. The size of the characters available differs according to the requirement of users. With the wide variety of characters available, the products are quite versatile.

For example, large Russian keyboard stickers are available with opaque backgrounds, so that they can cover the whole key on the keyboard with the new letter. In case you want to use only Russian alphabets, you can use these large non-transparent stickers on your keyboard. In case you want to use both English and Russian script for your work, you can avail the Russian keyboard stickers that are smaller in size and come with a transparent background. You can stick them to the side of each English letter of the keyboard.

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