Usage of Function Key Stickers

Function keys on any terminal keyboards are programmed as such to cause the operating system to perform certain actions, which appears in the form of soft keys. On certain types of desktops/laptop keyboards, these function keys have some default actions printed on or beside them, or they may have the more common “F number” designations. Some of them may also be accessible on power on. And hence, they are as important as the other vital keys on the keyboards.


By the continuous usage of these specific keys, they sometimes get wear and tear easily. To get the best solution for these wore out function keys, there are designated stickers available in the market.  These functional keyboard stickers are the most uncomplicated and the low priced way, to replace the existing damaged keys of the keyboards. There are varieties of function stickers for all the Mac apple layouts, Windows PC layouts and also for the notebook layouts. And you can come across two major classifications of these stickers- Transparent stickers and Non-Transparent stickers.

These high quality stickers of non transparent type, (black or white), are the ones which are mostly preferred. Both types are made using Matt Vinyl material. The non transparent type of Function stickers has a thickness of about 80 mm. They are built in typographical method. All the stickers have letters/characters printed underneath the film. They are ensured with a protective layer to give the upgraded durability. In both Transparent and Non Transparent stickers, the usage of Matt Vinyl material guarantees the non appearance of the glares, even at different angles.

And moreover, you also have the option of selecting your preferred language, from the wide category of languages list. The list states Danish, German, French, English, Greek, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and so on.

The application process is also too simple and effortless. It takes hardly 10-15 minutes to complete the sticking process. The intention of these function key stickers is to make the keyboards look contemporary and brand new.

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